PintSwap Docs

App | Exploring Markets

Landing Page

When you first visit the PintSwap App you will be delivered to the landing page on the Markets tab. Right now, you can view the markets that are available and look at the active peers who are swapping on the markets. Additional functionality exists once a wallet in connected.

Connecting Your Wallet

In the upper right hand corner of the app, is the option to connect your wallet. We currently offer several different wallet providers. For the sake of this guide we will look at MetaMask.
If you have the extension for MetaMask you can simply enter your password or you can scan on your mobile device if you do not.


Back on the Markets tab, you can view all the available markets that peers are swapping on. For this example we will look at the ETH / USDC market.
After selecting the market, we can view the current buy and sell offers on the market and see which peer is providing each individual entry.
Moving back to the market landing tab, you can search for specific assets in the search bar in the upper right hand corner.


Moving to the peer tab, you can see which peers are actively publishing offers. You can also select individual peers to see their offers exclusively. For this example, we will look at the user wock.drip
Selecting wock.drip, we can now see their peer overview and see what markets they are involved with and any NFT's they may have published as well.
When you click on the wock.drip's ticker entry we are brought to the peer orderbook. Here you can select the individual trade you want to fulfill based on price per unit, volume of trade, and total sum.
When you select the trade that you wish to fulfill, Pintswap will autofill its information for easy trading.