PintSwap Docs

App | Create a Trade

In the create tab, we can construct our own personal trade.
There are many options for tokens and we are constantly adding more, for this example we will trade AAVE for XOR. To keep it simple we will trade 12 AAVE for 12 XOR. Once the trade is created, it will show your open trade directly below and the Hash associated with the trade.
You can also share the information of the trade in the upper right hand corner of the interface. Doing so will copy the link to your trade into your clipboard for you to share.
Following that link or clicking on your open trade will take you to the published offer on the fulfill tab. Here is where others can fulfill your trade.
To verify the integrety of the tokens, you can mouse over the verify tokens button just above the pair entry to see the token addresses.
Again, you can copy and share your trade using the trade link button in the upper right hand corner.
Once your trade is created and published, it will be added to the Market tab for others to find.
Moving back to the create tab, if a token is not listed in the dropdown you can also provide the address in the details.
Once the address is entered it will populate with the token's information for trading.
Lastly, you can also offer trades for NFT's onto the market.